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Jim Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Former employee of Metcalf & Eddy/AECOM

Memorial Scolarships:

Jim Anderson Scholarship Application Criteria, Scholarship Instructions & Criteria for Applicants

Jim AndersonJim Anderson was a Senior Vice President and the Director of Technology at Metcalf & Eddy | AECOM. In these roles, Jim was responsible for M&E’s research program and for the continued development of M&E’s textbooks, including the recently published Water Reuse book. The publication ENR described Jim as "an engineer’s engineer" and "one of the world’s acknowledged leaders in water and wastewater treatment plant engineering."

Jim was a strong advocate for training and mentoring young environmental engineers, consistent with M&E’s commitment to meaningfully contribute to the development of engineering professionals as envisioned by Leonard Metcalf and Harrison P. Eddy over 100 years ago. He conceived of Metcalf and Eddy’s annual Student Design Competition, which challenges university students to tackle real-life design problems from the consulting world. Throughout his career, Jim was an active participant in career fairs and mock interview nights at his alma mater, The Cooper Union. He also developed close working relationships with universities and established successful research collaborations with many of them.

Jim died early in 2006 after battling cancer, but his legacy of mentorship and forward-thinking engineering continues to live on in the New York engineering community.

The Jim Anderson Memorial Scholarship will offer one $1,250 scholarship annually to students attending school in the NYC Metropolitan area.

Instructions for Applicants

  1. Fill out the entire application. Be sure to type or print neatly. It is very important that you do not leave any blanks.
  2. Letter verifying enrollment or acceptance in a New York Metro Area undergraduate or graduate environmental program on college stationary.
  3. Attach Letters of Recommendation (two).
  4. Attach an official transcript.
  5. Attach requested essays (two).
  6. Mail to: NYWEA, 525 Plum Street, Suite 102, Syracuse, NY 13204
  7. Submit your completed application no later than February 28th. Awards will be announced by June 15th..

Scholarship—NYWEA Student Members

  • Applicants must be enrolled in a BS or BE full-time engineering program with a focus on environmental issues, particularly water/wastewater. Such programs could include but are not limited to:
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Civil Engineering with an environmental emphasis
    • Chemical or Mechanical Engineering with an environmental emphasis
  • A student in good standing at a college or university who will be a Junior, Senior or Graduate student in the upcoming academic year.

Applicant Information

Name: _________________________________________ Phone: (______)______-_______

Street Address:

City: ____________________________________ State: ______ Zip Code: _____________

E-Mail: ______________________________________Date of Birth: ______/______/______

County: __________________________ Social Security: ______-____-______

Female___ Male___

School Information

I currently attend (please check):

4 Year College or University ___ Graduate School ___

Name of School:_______________________________________________________________

Anticipated Graduation Date: _____________________ Grade Point Average:______________

Class Rank: __________ out of _________

Honors or Awards Received:______________________________________________________




Extracurricular Activities: ________________________________________________________



Hobbies: ____________________________________________________________________

Education Goals: ______________________________________________________________


Career Goals:_________________________________________________________________


Internships, if any:_____________________________________________________________

Current Employer, if any:________________________________________________________

Hours per week: ______________________________________________________________

Essay Questions

Please complete responses to each of the following questions. It will be necessary to use separate sheets of paper.  Please type your responses. Points will be deducted if responses are not typed.

  1. In under 400 words, please explain why you have chosen the environmental field and what you intend to do with your career.
  2. Select an environmental project that you have been involved in. This project may be from, but is not limited to, an independent study program at your university, an internship, or a course project. In under 1000 words, define the project and describe the outcome and possible relevance to the industry.