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Lucy Grassano Memorial Scholarship

Lucy Grassano

Lucy was active in support of members of the Association and was a long time employee of the City of New York. The scholarship will be used to further the career of secretaries and administrative assistants in the government.

Lucy joined the City of New York in 1973 as a typist. She rose through the ranks and became a Principal Administrative Assistant. Wherever Lucy was, she helped the men and women she worked for, and with, to succeed. She retired as in 2002 and passed away in July of 2007.

To keep the memory of her alive and to help other deserving individuals achieve their educational goals, over $10,000 was raised to establish the scholarship in Lucy's name.

The Lucy Grassano Memorial Scholarship Fund will be offering scholarships to secretaries, office aides, administrative assistants and principal administrative assistants who work for a municipality and are in the process of improving themselves, by taking courses or are enrolled in school.