NYWEA Award: 1. Uhl T. Mann Award

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Application Deadline: October 1


These awards are given to individuals by the Association for excellence in treatment plant operations and maintenance. There are five (5) awards based on plant flows: 1. 0.0 - 0.5 mgd 2. 0.6 - 1.0 mgd 3. 1.1 - 10.0 mgd 4. 10.1 - 50.0 mgd 5. >50 mgd


Excellence in plant operation and/or maintenance as demonstrated by: 1. Monthly and/or reports. 2. Compliance with all ambient and effluent standards. 3. Compliance with SPDES permit. 4. Safety Record. 5. Public Education efforts. 6. Pretreatment program. In order to receive the award for excellence in operation, the recipient must hold a New York State Operator's Certificate. An Operator's Certificate is desirable, but not necessary, to receive the award for excellence in maintenance.