NYWEA Award: 3. Charles Agar Memorial Award

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Application Deadline: October 1


The award is given annually to a member for papers and/or presentations concerning wastewater management, which is not of a research and engineering nature, but rather deals with public education or general water quality.

  1. The primary author must be a member of the New York Water Environment Association.
  2. The paper and/or presentation must be of sufficient high quality to merit recognition.
  3. For a paper, the material must be published in an Association publication. The primary author must submit a manuscript for review and evaluation.
  4. Presentations given at either the Spring or Annual Conference are eligible for consideration for this award. At either the Spring or Annual Conference, the moderators of each session should consider if any of the presentations made at their session might be eligible for an award. The presentation must be evaluated based on criteria developed by the Program Committee. (1) A copy of the presentation must be provided for review in either hard copy or electronic format and independent reviews of the presentation must be provided by the Program Committee. (1) An evaluation sheet will be developed by the Program Committee and used by the moderators as an initial evaluation tool. The moderators must jointly make a recommendation for award to the Program Committee based on their evaluation; a copy of the evaluation forms and the presentation are to be provided to the Program Committee for consideration.