NYWEA Award: 1. Alfred J. Schmidt Wastewater Treatment Facility Safety Award

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Application Deadline: October 1


This award recognizes outstanding safety activities, programs and accomplishments at a wastewater treatment facility.


1. Exemplary safety record and proactive safety program. 2. Outstanding safety record as shown by accidents and loss of time due to accidents. 3. Proactive safety program at facility. 4. Safety procedures and practices are priority one for all work in the system and part of employee evaluation program. 5. Compliance with OSHA and/or New York State Department of Labor regulations.

Nomination Format:

1. Submittal of written safety program and procedures as pertains to wastewater facility. 2. Submittal of last OSHA and/or New York State Department of Labor inspection report. 3. Listing of safety equipment that is available at facility. 4. Submittal of accident report for past two (2) years.