NYWEA Award: 1. Industrial Achievement Award

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Application Deadline: October 1


This award recognizes those industries that have made a corporate commitment to providing the necessary resources and to establish managerial responsibility for effective environmental management at company facilities. This award recognizes an industry’s commitment of financial, technical, and management resources to meet water quality goals, and has made this objective a responsibility at all management levels. It includes all environmental areas (i.e., storm water, wastewater, solid waste, toxics and air pollution).


Recipient must demonstrate a significant achievement in design, operation or process change resulting in demonstrated long-term water quality improvement. Examples include: 1. Detailed summary data showing significant reduction in pollutants (conventional, metals, volatiles, pesticides, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc.) discharged to the receiving waters or municipal sewer. 2. Pollution prevention activities resulting in reduced water usage. 3. Materials recycling. 4. Energy savings. 5. Innovations resulting in the protection of groundwater, soil, or air from a new or existing industrial wastewater treatment facility. 6. An environmental management strategy or training program that increases environmental awareness and results in significant source reduction or water pollution prevention. 7. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation endorsement.

Nomination Format:

1. Description of problem statement and program goals. 2. Problem solution. 3. Unique scientific or engineering or management skills embodied in the program. 4. Evidence of attainment of goals (minimum one (1) year of data). 5. Summary of why program is worthy of award.