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NYWEA Award: 2. Municipal Achievement Award

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Application Deadline: October 1


This award recognizes those municipalities that have made a major contribution to effective environmental management by instituting programs to protect and enhance environmental conditions, particularly of the water environment, by providing the proper institutional setting to allow and guarantee responsible management and oversight, by professional management and by providing adequate financial support. This is not a wastewater facility award; it includes all activities at facilities impacting on the water environment (i.e., stormwater, wastewater, run-off, solid waste, toxics, air pollution, et. al).


A public entity that demonstrates significant, lasting, and measurable excellence in water quality improvement or in prevention of water quality degradation in a region, basin or water body.

Nomination Format:

Completed Nomination Form, plus up to a three (3) page written report that describes one or more of the following: 1. Watershed management and protection programs 2. Solid waste reduction programs (i.e., recycling programs) 3. Stormwater, sediment and erosion control programs 4. Innovative water recycling and reuse programs 5. Public education efforts 6. Financial support of environmental programs 7. Inter-municipal agreements 8. Agricultural runoff control If a paper, regardless of length, has been published describing the program, that paper may be submitted along with the nomination.